Asilomar Beach

“Oh I don’t know actually, I wanted to be a proffessional sprinter, er, for one time, then a doctor for a while, now I just want to be maybe a teacher, a researcher?”

"Er, somewhere beautiful, I would definitely own a dog, have a dog when I’m older…….no, it doesn’t matter, happy dog, I wanna have a happy dog, that's my dream. For the rest, I’m already very happy!”

Wieke Betten, Age 30

Name: Jeremy Kamo Age: 32

Name: Wieke Betten Age: 30

Name: Ishan Shapiro Age: Unknown

“When I was young, I was er, like most people I wanted to be a princess or a president (laughs) or a doctor!”

"Er, hopefully with er, married with kids, I actually just want to have about 2, I actually am interested in looking to adopting kids, hopefully in the future.”


Ahtzyry Ramirez, Age 19

Name: Gracie Age: 4

Name: Susan Wright Age: 67

“I was home schooled… was great, I loved it, yeh, I learned a lot, a lot in a different way.  I’m really thankful that I went, that I was home schooled.”

“I wanna be like my Mom, I wanna have a family, I wanna family, be able to support my family”

Melissa Nonella, Age 23

Name: Angela Bomarito Age: Unknown

Name: Nataliya Marghylo Age: Unknown

Name: David Shonman Age: Unknown