“Important to me right now is my family, yes, my two boys and their future.”

“Erm, going to school (laughs) “you like school” “yeh, I used to buy, now, I didn’t reach that far because of poverty.”

“What to achieve in the future, mmmm, living comfortably (laughs) without bills." (laughs)

Billie Medina, 53, Bakersfield

Name: Carlos Franco Jnr Age: 13 

Name: Juanathan Reyes Age: Unknown

Name: Briana Zaninovic Age: 30

Name: Mario Garcia Age: 48

Name: Jessica Huculak Age: Unknown

Name: Suzanna Leon Age: Unknown

Name: Billie Medina Age: 53

Name: Gail Goar Age: 60

Name: Dennis Green Age: Unknown

“Go ahead, tell them what you wanna do when you grow up……’COP’… pre school he told his teacher he want to be a robber!!!  She hurried up and changed that, she said ’no, you want to be a cop’ , he went ‘well you don’t need no cops if you don’t have any robbers!"

Anna Marie, 58 & Joshua, 5

Name: Joyce King Jnr Age: 11

Name: Tygeria Smith Age: 14

Name: Christopher Bassham Age: 11

Name: Matt George Age: Unknown