“Yeh, love it, California is a pretty cool place.”  WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT IT? “ (Laughs), the weather, the women (laughs) theres a lot of money out here to be made, theres a lot of opportunity.”

“Yeh, I gotta girl, I met her out here actually!"  CALIFORNIA GIRL? “Yeh, that's, came out here and I said I want one of these white girls from California man, (laughs), that was my dream!”

“Pretty much, you get one chance, you gotta make something of it!”

– Darius Durdin, Age 24

Name: Darius Durdin Age: 24

Name: Jacob Davis Age: 27

“Fight with my old lady until, er, um, I don’t know, one of us falls asleep, or she fuckin, I don’t know, learns her lesson, I don’t know.”

Michael Warren-Lott Age: 33

Name: Izzy Herandez Age: Unknown