Joshua Tree, Hidden Valley

“Yeh, I’m probably one of the luckiest men around that got a great woman!! Yeh, she kept me going, kept yeh, kept me on the straight and narrow for the last 44 years.”

“The true hobo’s, well most of them, they got old you know, cause a lot of them started out in the 30’s and 40’s………but they got old and they couldn’t ride the rails no more and so they kind of just faded away.”

– Jerry Dale, Age 66

Name: Thea Fiebich & Constantine Fiebich Age: 2 & 4

Name: Raffael Kohlheyer Age: 6

Name: Madison Beck Age: 12

Name: Christoph Luetzenkirchen Age: Unknown

Name: Evelien Depoorter Age: Unknown

Name: Sabrina Kohlheyer Age: 45

Name: Jerry Dale Age: 66

Name: Connie Dale Age: 62

Name: Dawn Grayce Age: Unknown