Joshua Tree

“I needed to feed my kids (laughs) …… well I don’t know, I love, I’ve always loved nutrition and health and again it just sort of fell into place, that was, you know, I kinda wanted to be a midwife but California midwives, it's not much fun, too many rules!”

– Heidi Grunt, Age 53

Name: Enzo Osorio Age: 13

Name: Stephenie Jelensky Age: 31

“I don’t really know, but it was erm my childhood was kind of err, I didn’t have much of one…so, ….mmmmm”

“I was married before I saw the ocean for the first time.”

“I think America in general, like I think, I always think of like the Great Frontier you know, like the Wild West, like that's what I see America as, you know” …”Fighting?” (laughs) “well, just like this, this strive to conquer something! YOU KNOW!”

“My hope for my future is more religious than anything else, I just hope to do everything …I’m supposed to be doing and with all this chaos thats going on I’m sure, (laughs) hopefully it’ll be raptured soon and not have to worry about all this crazy, so" (laughs)

Danielle Young Age: 32

“It was amazing, yeh it was amazing, the whole place was my playground. Swim in the ponds you know, climb the trees and , it was err, it was a great childhood.”

“I definitely like my alone time, being able to get away from everything and, kinda do this, sit and , sit and think man, yeh go up in the park and you know, find a quiet spot, sit on a rock so, yeh its really important to me.”

Aden Grunt Age: 33

Name: Heidi Grunt Age: 53

Name: Jane Grunt Age: 74

“When we were young? Aren’t we still young? (laughs)……”10 years ago?"
"That seems like forever ago.” 

Name: Mariko Abe Age: Unknown

Name: Margaret MacNevin Age: 31

Name: Alain Rosa Age: Unknown

Name: Sydney Smith Age: 35