"Err, I wanted to be a err, engineer when I was younger but all that change, you know.  You know, I didn’t grow up too rich or anything, we weren’t rich”.
“I wanted to be a scientist” .... “it was hard you know, so I had to get out there and go to work. But I made a lot of mistakes in life also, you know, yeh, a lot of mistakes you know, trying to make fast money you know how that go….so….but, I finally got it right!" "Thank GOD, by the grace of GOD”.

“Quick cash, thats all I thought about when I was young.  Come up poor man, we had to share stuff and you know, get hand me down clothes or whatever, only thing that was in my mind….fast money.”


Duane Reed, Age unknown

Name: Treylynn Reed Age: 47

Name: Raquel Simas Age: 46

Name: David Quezada Age: 53

Name: Dwayne Reed Age: Unknown