“What's important to me?"  "Definitely family, er respect for the Earth and respect for animals for sure, I’m a big animal lover and I like working in a job that gives back to animals.”

– Cassie Thistle, Age 29

“When I was younger erm, I don’t really remember but like, maybe just like if I had what everyone else had but now , yeh, it don’t really matter now, yeh.”

"Eer, hopefully I’m successful, hopefully like, I could take care of my family, thats what I want, but you never really know, yep.”


Name: Kevin Yang Age: 17

Name: Luke Thistle Age: 13

Name: Cassie Thistle Age: 29

Name: Mao Vang Age: 62

Name: Jonah Anderson Age: Unknown

Name: Josh Anderson Age: Unknown

Name: Susan Anderson Age: Unknown